• What makes Practical Life Coaching (PLC) course different than other Life Coaching Programs?

    The PLC course is mainly online and can be done at your own pace, while having the distinction of 1:1 mentorship with Alana included in the course.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    The fastest that you will likely finish the course is 1 month, though you could conceivably finish it faster. You can take the course at your own pace. The training is formatted through video, tools to download, case studies, assignments and 1:1 mentorship with Alana via Zoom throughout your course. The entire text of the course can be downloaded and printed in case you want a hard copy. You will have lifetime access to your course and will be notified with any updates and/or additions.

  • What level of expertise does the creator and/or teachers of the PLC course have?

    Alana Belik is the creator of the course and she has a layered background, education and experience spanning 2 decades of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Psychology Counselling, and Nutrition and Wellness Coaching. The PLC course also has lessons provided by a Master NLP Practitioner, a Performance Coach and a Spiritual Coach/Author.

  • Is Practical Life Coaching course a certified coaching program?

    Yes, you will be certified as a Life Coach at the end of your program. The PLC program is a good basic course that will allow you to practice right away. You can take additional courses later if you decide to specialize in a particular area.

  • What is the process for certification for the PLC Course? What do I get once I complete the course?

    Once you have completed all of the course lessons, you will schedule a Zoom or phone coaching session with Alana. You will be the coach and she will be your client. Alana will give you feedback after the session and will either mail you your hard copy certificate or recommend further study and another session. Also, once the is completed you will receive a hard copy certificate in the mail and a digital badge that you can display in your marketing, on your website and in your social media.

  • How do I access support?

    You can post questions and comments on the discussion board inside the course; and, as a student or graduate, you can schedule mentorship with Alana here: www.abel.simplybook.me

  • How do I post on the discussion board?

    There will be a place to click at the top right of the page of each lesson. Click Blue Discussion Button in the lesson and then click on POST.

  • Does the PLC course have an ongoing community? What kind of support is available after training?

    Yes, you will have the choice to be connected with your fellow learners. Also mentorship with Alana and other graduates is available to you at an extremely low session rate.

  • What if I change my mind or decide that this course is not for me? Can I get a refund?

    Yes. If you have taken 15% or less of the course and you decide that it is not for you, just request a refund - no questions asked.

Course curriculum

This program provides step-by-step instruction, done-for-you forms, case studies, downloadable infographics, extra resources, and specific tools so that you can have the proven strategies to become a confident, competent Life Coach.

  • 2

    What is Life Coaching?

    • What is Life Coaching and What is it Not?

  • 3

    Where to Begin

    • The Cycle of Change

  • 4

    Square 1 Tools

    • Grieving

    • Beliefs - The Iceberg Metaphor

    • Identifying Beliefs Part 1

    • Identifying Beliefs Part 2

    • Blanket Statements

    • Catastrophic Statements

    • Relative and Conditional Truths

    • Stuck Statements

    • Case Study

    • Practice on the Case Study

    • Case Study and Assignment 1

  • 5

    Square 2 Tools

    • Authentic Self

    • Outside In

    • Problem/Solution Metaphor

    • Ideal Day

    • Intuition in Decision Making

    • Decision Making Tool

    • Case Study and Assignment 2

  • 6

    Square 3 Tools

    • The Why

    • Holly Grahn on Motivation

    • Mental Blocks and Procrastination

    • Charting the Path and Accountability

    • Win or Learn

    • Case Study and Assignment 3

  • 7

    Square 4 Tools

    • Radical Gratitude

    • Yaron Etzion on Spiritual Coaching

  • 8

    Practical Business

    • The Client Consultation

    • Sales using NLP with Savo Kosic

    • Coaching Questions

    • Setting Boundaries

    • Personality Testing

    • Coaching Niches

    • Pricing

    • Working Online

    • The Client Contract

    • Coaching Ethics

    • Insurance

Course Bonuses

  • One-on-One Mentorship

    You will have access to one-on-one mentorship with Alana during your course and after your course, should you choose.

  • Exclusive lessons

    Experts in their fields to teach you about motivation , sales techniques using Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Spiritual Coaching.

  • Online Community Support

    Access to peer support and practice throughout the course.